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F-14D Tube Bumper - DIY KIT

F-14D Tube Bumper - DIY KIT

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Square Tubing that will be used with this KIT.
Cross Square Tubing
Quarter Panel Hoops (+$57.50 USD)

2-3 Week Lead Time

This DIY kit includes all parts necessary to build your own version of the F-14D tube bumper. This Kit will accept a 2x3" or 2x4" square tubing. Side Wing tubes come pre assembled and welded. Mounting frame brackets come pre bent and fully welded. Quarter panel hoops and clevis/shackle mounts are available as an option. Hardware is not included.

*Building Instructions will be provided with kit.*

***Option to exclude the cross square tubing is available for those that want to save some money!***

**DIY Kits for body lifts are currently not available. This kit is for no body lift only.**

  • 1/4" Side Wing Plates 
  • 1/4" Mounting Frame Brackets
  • 1/4" Gussets
  • 1.75x.120 Side Tube Wings
  • 2x3" 3/16 Square Tubing or 2x4" 3/16" Square Tubing 

**Single or Dual Swing outs can be added to this kit with some custom fabrication. This kit does not include Swing out kit**

**Your vehicle may have varying rear main frame measurements due to factors such as age, accidents, or manufacturing differences. Some trimming of bracket MAY be necessary to accomplish desired placement.**

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